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A captivating, innovative, and creative way to approach business, branding, and technology platforms for the new entrepreneur. Julie Dreier is a fifteen year veteran in the field with her own successful business and offers up a fresh perspective on how to build yours faster.

Listen in to get motivation, tips and an inside look at how the pros do it with your host, Julie Dreier, a Professional UX Designer, Branding Strategist & Successful Entrepreneur whose business is currently ranking #1 on Google as TOP FEMALE DESIGN AGENCY.

Jul 12, 2018

Kylie and I dive into how to take your own professional photos, social media marketing, magazine features & awards, and her course on how to use Pinterest to boost your business to success.

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Kylie's Pinterest Course

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Jul 12, 2018

Listen in as I speak with Caroline Matthews about being real, pulling back the curtain, and how she became a multi-award-winning fashion designer.

Visit Caroline's website at The Luxe Collective

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