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A captivating, innovative, and creative way to approach business, branding, and technology platforms for the new entrepreneur. Julie Dreier is a fifteen year veteran in the field with her own successful business and offers up a fresh perspective on how to build yours faster.

Listen in to get motivation, tips and an inside look at how the pros do it with your host, Julie Dreier, a Professional UX Designer, Branding Strategist & Successful Entrepreneur whose business is currently ranking #1 on Google as TOP FEMALE DESIGN AGENCY.

Jun 8, 2018

Samantha Ste Marie is a freelance content marketer, strategist, and ghostwriter. Listen in as we discuss what it means to be a freelance writer today and how you can keep your new business from becoming stale. You can find out more about Samantha and her business, Red Rock Content at or connect with her on Linkedin

Mentions in this episode:

  • Cookie cutter Syndrome
  • Facebook groups have no diversity
  • Freelancer stigma
  • Balancing two sides to a business
  • Job networking sites
  • Linkedin media
  • Returning to a focused state
  • To time block or not to time block
  • Facebook advertising
  • The Y.O.U. in you
  • Entrepreneur integrity
  • Keep the positive, toss the negative

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Julie Dreier is a seasoned veteran in design, technology development & branding with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. She currently owns & operates Girl In Paris, LLC and is ranked #1 for "TOP FEMALE DESIGN AGENCY" on Google. You can see more of her professional work at